Our Mission

The International Fair Trade Alliance (IFTA) is a non-profit organization created to bring aluminum extrusion manufacturers and suppliers from across the globe together for the purpose of promoting free and fair trade.

Our Strategy

IFTA believes that a network of market-based aluminum extrusion companies and associations can work together to support, teach, and advocate fair trade practices at a national and international level.

We are convinced that non-market based economies are committed to undermining the principles of free enterprise through a a variety of illegal and unfair trade practices that must be confronted by individual countries and at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Take Action

Let’s band our voices together to confront our governments and the WTO with powerful and impactful testimonies and petitions.

Countries currently represented by IFTA: USA, Canada, Columbia, Argentina, Australia, Ecuador, El Salvador, New Zealand, the Gulf States, Israel, and other inquiries pending from around the world.